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The 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Gry Mattr

The 10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Gry Mattr

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re looking to inspire relaxation, spark creativity, or make life easier for the “mom on the go,” treat mom with a gift combining style and function from this curated list by Gry Mattr, found exclusively at Staples Canada.

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  1. To create the perfect calming space, this oil diffuser is what every Mom needs and will love. With a 5+ hour operating time, there’s no easier way to enjoy pure, delicious scents.

Gry Mattr Rubberized Essential Oil Diffuser – Putty, $49.98 CAD.  

  1. Featuring balancing notes of Seaside waters, fresh Garden greens and Linen notes of Summer, this 3-pack of 100% Essential Oils make the perfect pairing with the Gry Mattr Essential Oil Diffuser.

Gry Mattr Essential Oils Set, 3 Pack, $19.98 CAD. 

  1. Refreshing like a crisp summer breeze with hints of cinnamon, plum and citrus. This 100% soy wax, hand-poured and Canadian-made candle will most certainly brighten-up Mom’s special day.

Gry Mattr Cement Candle - Linen – White, $22.98 CAD.

  1. For the stylish mom on the go, this Vegan Leather Tote Bag is both practical and functional. An everyday carry-all for her essentials, with a durability she’ll appreciate too.

Gry Mattr Vegan Leather Tote Bag – Putty, $19.98 CAD. 

  1. For easy hydration with a pop of pink, this versatile Tritan Water Bottle features a handy silicone handle with capacity markings to help Mom meet her daily wellness goals. 

Gry Mattr Tritan Bottle with Drink Markings - 900ml – Pink, $12.98 CAD. 

  1. Featuring three layers of 100% cotton woven textiles with an adjustable nose stay, Mom will love these face masks for their all-day comfort and chic patterns and styles.  

 Gry Mattr Non-Medical 3-Layer Masks - OS - Pink & Grey - 3 Pack, $16.99 CAD.

  1. Where creativity and inspiration live, just put pen to beautiful paper. This Linen Coil Notebook is for the Mom who appreciates the finer things, takes time to journal and never misses a mark. 

Gry Mattr Linen Coil Notebook – Grey, $19.98 CAD. 

  1. Not only will Mom look chic in these Readers, her eyes will be protected by blocking 35% of blue light emitted from screens. Lightweight in design in a flattering nude colour she’ll gladly wear and love.

Gry Mattr Blue Light Glasses – INTUITIVE, $34.99 CAD. 

  1. Talk about a small but mighty gift for Moms. This essential tech accessory features a pretty blush pink colour with an ultra-protective, anti-microbial, easy-to-clean carrying case.   

Gry Mattr Airpod Protective Silicone Case with Keychain Carabiner and Anti-Microbial Protection - Blush Pink, $20.00 CAD.

  1. From her keys to her glasses, this ultra-sleek storage box features a UV light to kill 99.99% of common germs with a wireless Qi charger for smartphones and devices. Talk about a smart gift for every Mom.

Gry Mattr Wireless Qi Charging UV-C Sterilizer Box – Clean Pink, $59.99 CAD.

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Chatter that Matters Podcast

Chatter that Matters Podcast

Joe Parenteau is one of the co-founders of Vancouver based startup Fable. They want to become a world-renowned direct to the consumer brand, that sells dinner plates and cutlery, and eventually other accessories for your home. Finding and acquiring customers is crucial, but it is both challenging and expensive in a crowded marketplace. Our three thought leaders have different opinions about Fable's prospects. Sunil Sharma, Managing Director of Techstars Toronto, likes the founders, their business plan, and the fact they are generating revenue. Lori Darlington, VP of RBC, is a fan of their brand and their accomplishments to date but encourages them to work closely with their financial institution, and advisors on a SWOT analysis and scenario planning. Joe Mimran, who created Club Monaco, and the Joe Fresh brand isn't so confident. He views the category as slow-moving, questions Fable's price point, and then offers them some incredible advice to create a brand that can be world-renowned. We include a bonus track featuring Joe Mimran's story.

Presented by, RBC.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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York University Magazine - No Average Joe

York University Magazine - No Average Joe

No Average Joe



IS JOE MIMRAN (BA ’74) the busiest entrepreneur in Canada? The celebrated York grad is not just on the go – he’s firing on all cylinders, directing both his own private equity investment firm and a product development and design company that bears his instantly recognizable name. In his spare time, he sits on several boards in an advisory capacity, or creates new product for the revamped Staples Working and Learning Company or Tilley Endurables, the Canadian travel-wear brand he recently pulled back from the brink of insolvency. Mimran does it all looking like he just stepped off a yacht moored in the Mediterranean: a tailored Italian wool seersucker blazer, custom-made white shirt, stretch white trousers, a large gold Rolex and large, dark designer glasses on an amiable suntanned face haloed by brilliantined silver hair worn long at the collar like a rock star’s. 

Mimran works in fashion and knows all about the power of a well-groomed image. But it’s not a put-on. When you meet him in person, he’s as nice as he appears – looking you in the eye, easily answering questions, making you feel not like you have intruded on his busy day but like you have somehow enhanced it – which is a real knack. “I love to see people succeed,” he says, “and I love to have fun when I work and to enjoy myself when I work, and I love being around creative people. I come from a rough background and can be tough, but I’d rather treat others in a very beautiful way.” <<continue reading here>>

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Meet Joe Mimran, building brands, championing change and the thrill of it all

Meet Joe Mimran, building brands, championing change and the thrill of it all

What in your work brings you the most satisfaction? How do you intend to create more opportunities to do this in 2020?

J. I love working with creative people and entrepreneurs. I love the challenge of building relevant brands and businesses. I love championing change and helping businesses reimagine themselves to better compete in a very challenging and competitive environment.


What were your biggest triumphs of the 2010s, both professionally and personally?

J. A decade that spanned some great triumphs such as the evolution of Joe Fresh, my three seasons on Dragons Den, my partnership at Gibraltar & Company, my work with entrepreneurs across Canada. I was fortunate to work on some great projects this year. I have many favourites, the reinvention of the Staples product lineup and brand introductions of new brands such as Gry Mattr and General Supply. Loved seeing the sales traction and momentum Sheertex has achieved this year. The launch of Lunata and distribution they were able to achieve. Also really enjoyed working with the Tilleys team on the new positioning and overall strategy. Very exciting times ahead. Also proud of the work done on behalf of St. Michaels Hospital.

What was your biggest failure of the 2010s and how did you learn from it?

J. My biggest failure was not buying the real estate I occupied space in. I kept thinking the market was ahead of itself and it just kept going. But I like to look forward and not dwell and what could have been. I also bet on some business ideas that were good but the actual operators weren’t. The good jockey will usually find a way to succeed.

With all your successes and achievements, what still pushes you out of your comfort zone? How do you intend to undertake more of this in the coming year?

J. I love working with creative people and entrepreneurs. I love the challenge of building relevant brands and businesses. I love championing change and helping businesses reimagine themselves to better compete in a very challenging and competitive environment.


What wellness lifestyle shifts do you intend to maintain, try, and/or improve upon in the coming year?

J. I am committed to my new Keto diet - I have a lot more energy!

What’s the biggest design trend that you’re feeling inspired by going into the new year?

J. The continued power of influencers and micro influencers.

What/who brings you the most inspiration on a day-to-day basis, whether it be related to style, business, or personal well being?

J. My wife Kim - she is always studying market trends and style in general - she has also taken up golf so we now play together. It works well because we love to play and walk the course so easy to get our steps in. I also love Pinterest - it brings the world of products and design ideas in an easy to use application. With the disappearance of magazines this becomes an important design inspiration tool.

In what ways do you sacrifice happiness for productivity, or vice versa? How do you manage these tradeoffs?

J. Being productive and challenging myself makes me happiest so it’s easy to make the tradeoffs - having said that I do wish time would slow down a bit but it seems to get faster each and every year.

You are known for your generosity. In what new ways do you see yourself giving back in the coming year?

J. I am working on an idea to help young entrepreneurs by offering a small amount of capital to worthwhile ideas. Still in the process of formulating the format.


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