introducing gry mattr


As a creator, I have always believed that the things we have in our daily lives matter. 

That the things that surround us have a direct impact on how we feel, how productive we are, and the way we engage with others.

That's why my team and I think really hard about what we design, what we make, and what we recommend.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I've had the privilege of creating and launching a number of extraordinary brands - including Alfred Sung, Club Monaco, and Joe Fresh. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to my latest venture, gry mattr. It's a beautiful collection of home and office accessories that live at the intersection of work and life: intelligently designed, globally inspired - and smartly priced.

We want to bring you thoughtful, well made, and affordable products that inspire your workday, ease your travels, and welcome you home.

This is our world. Live it with gry mattr.